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Ana Delia Espino is the new Executive Director for ACIJ!

Ana Delia possesses an extensive background in community organizing, grassroots leadership development, immigrant rights, and advocacy that will expand our organization’s work. She has been a part of ACIJ’s Leadership Council for 4 years, and she served as our Board President in 2019.

Ana Delia is a native of New Mexico and a first-generation Mexican American. Raised in southern California, she saw the influx of the Mexican community and how they invested, struggled, and flourished in their new home. Her passion for advocacy and immigrant rights grew with California’s Prop 187 (Anti-Immigrant State Initiative). She moved to Alabama in 2001 and worked as an advocate for adults with disabilities with the Arc of Jefferson County. She joins us after 5 years at ¡HICA!, where she worked as the Program Manager for their Empowering Communities Program.

Ana Delia has received training from the Midwest Academy, Movement Matters, and graduated from the Grassroots Leadership Development Program; she also serves on the board of Alabama Arise. Her background and work experience have contributed to her dedication to immigrant justice, and she will lead our coalition in pursuing our mission to amplify the voices and contributions of immigrants in Alabama.

Please join us in welcoming Ana Delia to our ACIJ family!

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