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The Colors of Immigration project is the foundation for a larger framework of storytelling at ACIJ that takes back our stories and amplifies the voices and contributions of immigrants in Alabama.


Below you can view artwork from a group of children whose parents came from different nationalities. Each child has their own story and perspective based on their family's experience.  Discover the story behind each piece of art.


Like our children’s art, our organization is unique and plays a vital role in helping families build a better future in Alabama. It’s a beautiful gift to see their art full of resilience, optimism and pride in their origins. This project confirms that we are on the right track and reaffirms our commitment to immigrant communities.

This work is crucial to bring inclusion and empowerment to communities that are often marginalized and silenced. We invite you to show our children that they belong here, that they are loved and accepted in this nation by making a donation today!

One Family, One Alabama.   Una Familia, Un Alabama.

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