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Birmingham Migrant Transit Project

ACIJ facilitates this project to welcome new migrants who are passing through Alabama - mainly asylum-seekers released from detention centers in Louisiana who arrive in Birmingham. The goal is to ensure the safe journey of these migrants to their sponsors across the US. When they arrive, we offer hot meals, clothing, and hygiene products, while also assisting them in obtaining travel tickets to reach their destinations. The success of this project depends primarily on the commitment and dedication of our volunteers. You can contribute with time, items, or money. If you're interested in volunteering, please reach out to us!

Get Involved

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We need your help with welcoming migrants!  Volunteers can serve food, distribute clothes, make travel arrangements, drive people to the airport and bus station, and help them get checked in for their flights.


Donate Items

When migrants are released from detention, they don't have any clothing or hygiene products.  We collect donations to supply them with all the items they need to get started.

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