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Abrazando Nuestras Raíces

Thank you for your interest in our Abrazando Nuestras Raíces program!

The program for the Protection of Migrant Families Abrazando Nuestras Raíces (Embracing Our Roots) was launched in 2018 with the aim of promoting family reunification among elderly (age 60 and over) living in Mexico with their migrant children in the United States who, due to their immigration status, have not seen their parents for 10 years or more.


This program rebuilds and strengthens the Mexican identity of people living United States of America, sharing culture, customs and traditions of Mexico; helping them to find the roots that form its dual-nationality.

The Abrazando Nuestras Raíces program is exclusively for members of ACIJ. If you are not yet a member, sign up here.  If you want to participate in the program this is what you have to do:


Requirements for children in the United States: 

1. Be a current member of ACIJ

2. Have an irregular immigration status

3. Children of seniors

4. Copy of Valid official identification (INE, consular registration, passport)

5. Proof of current address

6. Proof of residence in the USA for at least 10 years

Requirements for the parent(s) in Mexico: 

1. Being 60 years old or older

2. Have a sons or daughters whit irregular immigration status in the US

3. Valid Passport

4. Copy of Birth Certificate

5. Copy of current official identification (INE, INAPAM, etc.)

6. Certificate of vaccination against COVID-19

If you are interested in participating in this program, you should: 

    - Have a current ACIJ membership

    - Complete a Pre-Registration Questionnaire 

NOTE: It is important that your family member processes a current passport. We recommend that your parents start processing their passport so they can join the program.


  • Filling out an interest form does not mean that you are already registered for the program.

  • When a group is opened for the state where your parents live, you will be contacted to start the registration process.

  • All participants must be members of ACIJ.


If you have questions, contact us at (205) 945-0777 ext 106

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