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It's Time To Act for Our Dreamers

The Trump administration is determined to end the DACA program and is doing so little by little, even after the Supreme Court ruled last June that the President's unilateral decision to end DACA was capricious and ruled for it to be reinstated.

In the midst of a global pandemic, the Trump administration is putting the lives of 300,000 youth at threat of deportation by blocking their opportunity to apply to the DACA program. These youth grew up in this country, pledged allegiance to our flag every day at school, and fought to get jobs and study in higher education to better themselves and their families.

The recent statement by the Department of Homeland Security is a direct attack on our youth. One of the many attacks that this administration has launched since Trump began his fight against immigrants during the first day of his mandate. It is even more unacceptable that DHS and the Trump administration feel that they are above the law and can ignore the Supreme Court’s ruling

It is time for us to act! We are not alone in this and it does not matter how many times we continue to be attacked, we will continue to unite and fight for our community and for our youth. The first step is to urge our Senators to support the Dream and Promise Act and to commit to stop funding Trump’s Deportation Force. 

The second step is to make sure that everyone that is eligible to vote, GETS OUT TO VOTE in November and to urge them to vote with the best interests of immigrant youth in mind. 

Lastly, we must urge Congress to pass permanent protections that won’t hurt people in the long run and to pass HEROES act provisions to auto-extend EADs for DACA & TPS holders in the next COVID relief package.

Can we count on you?

Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice

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